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GEN data: People leaving aged care

August 2020

Confidentialised dataset which provides selected information about exits from residential care, home care and transition care in Australia between 2013–14 and 2018–19.

Following changes to the Home Care Packages Programme in 2016–17, the AIHW have amended the way that exits are counted. From 2017–18 data is no longer available on home care level at discharge. To support comparable time series analysis, the data have been re-run from 2013–14 using the amended method for home care admissions. The superseded CURFs are still available on this page; however, please note that these data are not comparable with the 2017–18, and 2018–19 CURFs for home care.
Note that data for the transition care program are included in residential care CURF.

The data are provided in a zipped CSV file which includes the following variables: 

  • Year
  • State/territory and Aged Care Planning Region
  • Care type (residential aged care, transition care or home care)
  • Admission type (for residential aged care: permanent or respite care)
  • Discharge reason
  • Length of stay (days and months)
  • Age group, sex, and Indigenous status
  • Preferred language and country of birth grouping.