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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people using aged care

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (First Nations) people may have different care needs in older age than non-Indigenous Australians. Although First Nations people can and do use mainstream aged care services, there is also a need for services tailored to the specific needs of First Nations people. The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care (NATSIFAC) Program is an additional care type offered in Australia, aimed at providing care that is culturally safe and allows individuals to maintain their strong connections with home, community and country.

The following dashboard presents key figures on the First Nations population in Australia that might need aged care, the number and types of services available that offer that care, and the characteristics of the people using it. It is important to acknowledge that it is difficult to get exact numbers of First Nations people needing or using care, and missing data may impact proportions. Indigenous status may not be collected in some circumstances (e.g., it may not be appropriate to ask), when asked an individual may not feel comfortable responding, or assumptions may be made without a direct question being asked. Note that aged care is offered to eligible First Nations people from age 50, and to non-Indigenous people from age 65. 

To download and print, click on the 'Download' button at the bottom right of the dashboard. Select 'pdf' and set the paper size to A4 and the scaling to 60%.