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Residential Aged Care Quality Indicators Annual Report 2019–20

March 2021
27 pp
Internet only

The quality of care plays an integral role in the quality of life and outcomes for people using aged care in Australia. The quality of Australian Government-funded aged care is assessed against a set of quality standards by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC). As well as these standards, since 1 July 2019 residential aged care services must also participate in the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program  (QI Program).
This report presents quality indicators that have been recompiled for more complete data than were available at the cut-off dates for quarterly reporting.

Note that in preparing the 2020–21 Annual Report the AIHW identified a methodological inconsistency in the 2019–20 Annual Report (published 16 March 2021), whereby residential aged care services (RACS) without any QI data (numerator) continued to contribute occupied bed days data (OBD, denominator) in the calculation of QI rates. For consistency with AIHW's quarterly reporting, services that did not provide data for any of the QIs in 2019–20 now no longer qualify as a submitting RACS and are excluded from the subsequent statistics and compilation of QI data presented here. This amended 2019–20 Annual Report was re-released 11 February 2022.